Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i way badly want a facebook! My mom doesn't care if I have one, but my dad just isn't quite sure he wants me to have one! It is way safer than a blog or myspace or tagged! My mom has one... so it is totally NOT FAIR if she can get on righ tin front of me and i just have to watch and cry about it! I just sent my dad a text basically telling him I am getting one! lol! I hope he will let me! Well TTFN! (Ta Ta For Now!)
<3/kenna ruud!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fred (This is Fred Goes Swimming!~*) (This is Fred on Election Day!~*) (This is Fred Loses His Meds!~*) (This is Fred Tries To Ride A Bike!~*) (This is Fred gets Detention!~*) ( This is Fred Goes To The Dentist!~*) (This is Fred Stalks Judy!~*) This is Fred Gets Babysat!~*) This is Fred's Mom Is Missing!~*)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sour pickles! (Fred)

Don't be a sour pickles! If you are sour pickles, you will be like Kevin, and Fred! Cleopatra was the only SWEET PICKLE and she got elected president for the whole school! BE A SWEET PICKLE! lol~~**

My best friends!!

~K~ so I have a few of friends that I would call my BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! They are: Brooklyn, Jocelyn, Ashley, Lexi Sh, Lexi T, Whittney, Madi, Kaylee...! I am sure you know them if you live in Montpelier! They have always been there for me and have never been mean to me! I love all my best friends so much! I would totally PEE without them!~ We always hang out, have sleepovers, play basketball and other sports, sleep in our clubhouse, paint nails, text, snowboard, sled, and do about everything together! As a matter of fact, I am texting some of them right now!~ I wish I could be with my friends ALL THE TIME! We are all like octuplets! Hey, kinda like the lady who just had them! lol~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~***~~~
Well that is the gossip goin on about me and my friends now! luv luv! smooch! kiss kiss! *~*~:p

Monday, February 16, 2009

Brothas From Another Motha!

Hey every 1! Our family now has exchange students living with us! One is from Thailand, and the other is from Taiwan! The one from Thailand is named Noo! His real name is Anuwat Budda! Them the one from Taiwan is named Danny! I can't tell you his real name cuz he said it is TOP SECRET and if I tell any 1 he will have to KILL me! They are both Sophmores (10th greaders)! They are REALLY nice and COOL! I will for sure get some pictures of them on here when I can! (If they will let me take pics of them)! :) Their room is in our basement, and Broolkyn and I are NOT allowed to go into their room, and Danny and Noo are NOT allowed to go into ours! If they go into ours, they will have to get the MAN TALK, and I don't think you want to know what that is! :) lol! We always play ROCKBAND, and all the video games! We also play basketball in our basement! It is so fun having them live here with us! We all are going ot go to Salt lake next weekend, and only Danny, Noo, Mom, Dad, and most of my aunts and uncles are going to go to the UTAH JAZZ GAME! I have to stay at my aunts house and watch kids with my other cousins! I really like having exchange students to live with us, so my parents are thinking about having exchange students next year too! YAY!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Hey everybody! I am sorry I haven't gotten to this blog for a while! I have a new tagged account so check it out! Whoever I sent this Tagged email to can get on! If you want to get on and I didn't send it to you, please email me and tell me! I shall be sure to send you an email inviting you if you want to!

So my life has been pretty crazy for a while here and there! I am just getting off my grounding on Sunday, January 25th! I am so excited! Now I will be able to go to the boys basketball games with all my friends and just start chillin like a villian cuz my looks are killin! J/K! lol!

Well leave me comments please! lol

Monday, December 22, 2008


YAY! I am so excited for Christmas! I got my family all very cheap presents on accident cuz I am so totally broke! Well... not totally all the way! There is this way cute mirror thingy that I got for my mom; It was normally $50 but I got it on sale for $15! I made my mom promise she wouldn't read this post til Christmas is over so she wont see wut I got her! haha lol lol!